New Classical Music

New Classical Music produces contemporary, listener-friendly compositions for the musical public. Melodic, tonal themes embrace a strong and vibrant harmonic framework. Syncopated rhythms coalesce with tuneful melody. Baroque, romantic, and impressionistic compositional styles are incorporated with in a modern musical structure, leading to a dynamic interplay of counterpoint and rhythm.

Senses Rising

"Senses Rising" is a thirteen work, seventy-two minute compilation of new classical music. The CD contains several new works for full orchestra, including the three-movement Symphony #1, "Janus", four movement Symphony #2, "Phoenix", as well as a sonatina for string quartet. Four pieces for solo piano are also on the recording: "Three Impressions" and "Sunlight Breaking." All the works were composed in a melodic, tuneful style, with elements of baroque, romantic, and impressionistic styles incorporated throughout the music.

Classical Music

Symphonic classical music can in part be characterized by narrative frameworks that impart long-term structure in the music. The classical “sonata form”, for example, is a compositional framework in which a set of typically inter-related melodic and/or harmonic themes interact with one another, often building up structural tension until reaching a more harmonious conclusion.

The evolution of these interactions are often described by and in discrete sections, such as exposition, development, and recapitulation. While the long-term structure of classical music is very high, the rhythmic complexity is often less so. In a fragment of music taken from the classical literature, it is often harder to identify the composer or the piece in the short-term.

This condensed timeline outlines the recent history of classical music

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