Brian Sager - Entrepreneur, Composer, Advisor

Electronic Music

Electronic music covers a lot of ground. There are many sub-genres of dance music, for example, including breaks, trance, house, dubstep, techno, jungle, and many others. Each of these sub-genres is classified first by tempo, then the extent to which the beat is syncopated, then by the extent to which melody, harmony, and/or rhythm predominate.

Classical Music

Symphonic classical music can in part by characterized by narrative frameworks that impart long-term structure in the music. The classical “sonata form”, for example, is a compositional framework in which a set of typically inter-related melodic and/or harmonic themes interact with one another, often building up structural tension until reaching a more harmonious conclusion.

Fusing symphonic classical and modern electronic music

The current focus of my music is to integrate the short—term information content of electronic / dance music with the long-term narrative structure often found in the symphonic classical literature. The rhythmic framework for my music is based on the dense syncopation and polyrhythm found in breakbeats. Harmonies and melodies interact with one another over the entire length of a song, often in classical sonata form. The arrangements of my songs also fuse the instrumentation of both genres. Synthetic bass lines and arpeggiated harmonies co-exist with tuneful melodies played by string instruments and woodwinds. Lead synthesizers are often co-arranged with brass instruments. It is my goal that the listener be transported into the deep structure of the music, where they can enjoy the music and hear new elements upon repeated listenings.