I work at the interface between emerging and innovative technology, high-growth markets, and compelling product value. Whether in biotechnology or in semiconductors, my goal is achieve a uniquely differentiated value proposition through a strong scientific and engineering basis. This requires an integrated approach to research and development, corporate finance, and intellectual property.
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Prior to founding Nanosolar, I led a high-growth biotechnology practice at Ernst & Young (Palo Alto, CA) where I advised industry-leading companies on a range of matters including corporate strategy, scenario development, corporate finance issues, R&D portfolio management, and technology licensing.

Report distributed worldwide and authored by Brian Sager for Ernst & Young on the Themes of Convergence for the Development of highly interdisciplinary Biotechnology. Includes an interview with Brian Sager, MacArthur Fellow Stuart Kauffman, MIT Professor Angela Belchers, and others, as well as extensive and global industry analyses
Deliverables for advisory and consulting projects are typically confidential. The attached deliverable was paid for and developed in collaboration with a public entity, and is one of the few publicly available deliverables I have authored. This project was focused on supporting a state-wide build out of the nascent bioinformatics industry for the State of Ohio