As an advisor, I have helped industry-leading companies on corporate finance issues, R&D portfolio management, intellectual property strategy, and technology licensing. Brian has worked with both private and public companies at all stages of growth, including Aviron, COR Therapeutics, Genentech, Genencor, Hewlett-Packard, Maxygen, MDS, SRI, Watson Pharmaceuticals and more than 50 other technology leaders.


Aviron   Bios Group   Calipers Lifescience
Aviron (acquired by MedImmune)   Bios Group LP (acquired by Nutech)   Caliper Lifescience
Cisco Systems   Cor   Darpa
Cisco Systems   Cor (acquired by Millenium)   Darpa
  Exploratorium   GBN
Ernst & Young   Exploratorium   GBN (acquired by Monitor)
Genencor   Genentech   Hewlett Packard
Genencor (acquired by Danisco)   Genentech   Hewlett Packard
maxygen   MDS  
Maxygen   MDS
  Millenium (acquired by Takeda)
Sandia Labs   SRI International   Symyx
Sandia Labs   SRI International   Symyx
Watson Parmaceuticals      
Watson Pharmaceuticals   Xenogen (acquired by Caliper)