Brian Sager - Entrepreneur, Composer, Advisor
I am an entrepreneur, advisor, and composer. As an entrepreneur, I founded Omnity (, a search engine based on fundamental advances in associative semantic search technology. Omnity accelerates the discovery of otherwise hide, high-value patterns of interconnection within and between fields of knowledge as diverse as science, medicine, engineering, law, and finance. Previously, I founded Nanosolar to enable the production of low-cost solar electricity enabled by nanotechnology ( Nanosolar raised $500MM and built one of the largest solar panel manufacturing facilities in the world. 

As an advisor, I have helped more than 50 industry-leading companies on a range of corporate finance issues, R&D portfolio management, intellectual property strategy, and technology licensing.

As a composer, I have written three symphonies (, and have integrated orchestral symphonic music with electronic dance music ( I have a Ph.D. from Stanford University, where I was a National Science Foundation fellow, and was a Whitney Fellow at Harvard University.